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Dunvegan Nursery School aims to promote a community where all participants enjoy access to a relevant, quality education that develops independent thinking, curiosity and self-discipline. We aim to prepare children for life by providing a well-rounded education that promotes the values of respect, tolerance, honesty, justice and compassion. We do this in a caring and happy school environment.

 Our Environment

• Controlled while still being
• Planned specifically for
• Designed to awaken your
  child's desire to learn
• Conducive to free-choice
  and creative flexibility
• Promoting of independence
  as well as group interaction

 Our Staff

• Professional and qualified
• Trained and experienced in
  child-care and development
• Warm and welcoming
• Patient and caring
• In tune with the needs of your
  young child
• Nurturers of individuality,
  self-esteem and

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 Our Learning

• Rich and integrated
• Inclusive and broad-based
  through topics such as
  language skills, reading and
  number readiness, science
  & nature, music, stories,
  creative handwork activities,
  physical development and
  much more
• Challenging enough to
  develop your child's skills,
  cognitive learning and a
  broader awareness of the
  outside world

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Term 2: Themes for the Month of April
Purple Group
Younger Groups
Older Groups
16 - 17 April (4 days)
Wild Animals
Wild Animals
20 - 24 April
28 - 30 April (3 days)

At the heart of a creative classroom is the creative teacher who has an awareness of the wonders of the world around her, and who knows and understands children.

18 months - 3yrs
3 - 4 years
3 - 4 years
4 - 5 years
4 - 5 years
Grade R
Grade R
Teacher Alta
Teacher Bongie
Teacher Tracey
Teacher Claire
Teacher Lynne
Teacher Chantelle
Teacher Michelle

Admin: Jenny-lee Jute   |   Groundskeeper: Walter Katisi   |   Teas and Cleaning: Samantha Legodi, Connie Zulu & Mavis Mawasha

The Aims of Early Childhood Education

The main aims of our school are to help young children:
  1. develop positive values through meaningful experiences
  2. develop their individual capabilities to the fullest - intellectually, socially, morally and emotionally
  3. feel at ease with themselves and with their unique approach to living in today’s world.
At nursery school level, more than at any other age, we can follow the principle of “learning by doing”. In their play, young children simulate or relive life situations through dramatic play, manipulations of materials and rhythm. Play is the work of children. Play is essential to growth, for through play children develop security, courage, emotional stability, resourcefulness, imagination, initiative, social awareness, cultural heritage, and physical well-being.

Young children learn most fully through direct sensory experiences. The child who has had these opportunities to explore and to have his questions answered, is ready for more formal learning at a later stage.

The curriculum of our nursery school consists of enriched play experiences in a favourable environment and guided by competent teachers.

Dunvegan Nursery School incorporates all the elements necessary for a balanced programme - active and quiet periods, social and individual activities, opportunities for both creativity and conformity, consistency in the programme pattern, yet flexibility in daily activities, organisation to prevent confusion, consideration of age groups and the needs of the individual child, and above all, provision of a variety of creative experiences.

"If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow. The years of early childhood are the time to prepare the soil . . . It is more important to pave the way for the child to want to know than to put him on a diet of facts he is not ready to assimilate."
Dr R Carson, leading psychologist

Dunvegan Nursery School
In a Loving Atmosphere of Care and Joy
25 Frances Street, Cnr Dunvegan Avenue, Edenvale, 1610, South Africa

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